Artist: Iordanka Karaivanova

Title: The Tree of Knowledge

Date of Completion: 2015

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size: 14” x 11”

ART INTERPRETATION: The Tree of Knowledge represents the changes that happen throughout life and how a person’s education, character, and beliefs stay with them. The tree symbolizes a person’s core, what they know (education, experiences, etc.), beliefs, and who they are within. The fruit is what a person produces and gives to others and society each day. The sun, rocks, fog, and wind represent changes, seasons, and obstacles one faces through life. The message is this: whatever the season or obstacles in life a person goes through, when they stick to their core (The Tree of Knowledge), they can overcome pretty much anything. A person can be robbed of all physical possession, they can lose a job or a house or all income, but no one can steal away that person’s education and what they know. The eggs are people we associate with daily, and represent how each person contributes to the learning and experiences of others and vice versa.

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